We are a printer, however, a very unique printer.

Our specialty is providing affordable, quality, consistent offset colour and digital printing service for the short run, on-demand requirement with a quick turnaround time. Not only we are customer friendly, we are environmentally friendly.

Direct Imaging
We offer a total computer-to-plate working environment for the most efficient and reliable workflow. Without film output, we can improve the quality and delivery of your print job while keeping the cost low. Our strength is producing material to serve the on-demand, fast turnaround market. As a result, you can sell and profit more from colour solutions.

Digital Printing
To complement your requirement for variable data and target market printing, we have both colour and black and white quality digital laser technology to meet any needs. With the flexibility of mixing offset and digital laser capability, you can provide innovative alternatives to your end users to meet their most demanding needs.

Yes, we can provide a one-stop service for most of your finishing needs. Our bindery facility can accomplish the majority of your finishing task. Whatever we cannot do, we can help manage and coordinate for a complete job.

Graphic Support
Our graphic resource can be an integral part of your creative team. We look to provide early ‘design for manufacturability’ support to our customer to improve the design quality and productivity. By understanding and applying our workflow elements, we aim for you to do it right the first time.

When you need additional design resource, our graphic team is available to help makeover your publication or even create new to meet your specific needs. It’s all about making you look the best.

You will come close to what you see is what you get with our digital workflow. We utilize the industry preferred ‘Rip Once Output Many’ (R.O.O.M.) prepress technology to create the image for hard proofing. We then print it with industry leading device for an accurate preview of the press output. Upon approval, our digital press will use the same file for final imaging and printing.

Where applicable, we can even help setup your design workstation to ‘soft-proof’ and preview your final output on screen. Thus you can simulate and see what you get even before you send the file to us.

Colour Managed Workstation
In order for you to benefit from colour consistency and repeatability, we will help you set up your design computer workstation to fit into out colour-managed workflow. An onsite visit by one of our associates will help calibrate and profile your monitor. We will then apply the appropriate software and hardware controls to your workstation to take advantage of our workflow.

If consistent and predictable colour is important to you, let us provide this unique service to you now.