Color Management
Remember the documents that don’t have the same colour on screen and in print? Feel the anxiety of “What you see is not what you get”?

PGC offered a colour-managed workflow to provide our customer a consistent and predictable colour output environment. Our graphic department processes all your files in a warm ambient lighting environment to display the most accurate colour from our calibrated monitor. We then colour calibrate and profile our digital imaging press to provide optimum colour reproduction capability. The output profile is applied to upstream creation and proofing process to maintain consistent colour interpretation.

We like our customers to print and get what they see. We offer a user-friendly colour managed process for our customers to produce consistent colour in their documents. Starting with your colour display, we’ll help you set up a colour calibrated environment to create, edit, proof and eventually produce reliable and accurate colour with our printers every time. We then help you setup the software program’s colour management settings in concert with our workflow. With the output press profile, you can now preview the final production with both soft and hard proofing methods.

If consistent and accurate colour has been your quest for your printing, we have the answer for you.